4 Week Grand Cru


Made with high quality grape juice and concentrate that require shorter fermentation times and taste delicious with little or no aging. Grand Cru is the perfect choice for craft winemakers who want easy drinking table wines that pair perfectly with every meal.


Red Wines : $119.99
Cabernet Sauvignon Style
Malbec Style
Merlot Style
Nebbiolo Style
Pinot Noir Style
Sangiovese Merlot Style
Shiraz Style
Valpola Style
Vieux Château du Roi

White Wines : $119.99
Chardonnay Style
Gewürztraminer Style
Liebfraumilch Style
Pinot Blanc Style
Pinot Grigio Style
Riesling Style
Sauvignon Blanc Style
Verdicchio Style

Rose Wines : $119.99
Zinfandel Blush Style